Tuition Aggregation

Tuition Aggregation Platform as a Service or TAPAAS is a secure, cloud based solution for Students / Tutors to come together and complement traditional learning with digital engagement to get Best of Breed solution for un- parallel results.

Key Features

  • Student/Tutor On boarding provides multi level access to the platform for Collaboration, Self or Assisted Learning, Assessments & Updates
  • Before | In | After Class functions to provide Advanced Functionality, Tools & Content for Effective Learning in a Non Intrusive and Personal manner
  • Calendar Scheduling & Publishing to provide visibility of offline classes schedule and agenda. Drives online content publishing accordingly
  • Assessment & Grading provide ongoing assessment ( Concepts and Exercises) & Grading with Updates to Stakeholders
  • Advanced Analytics & Reviews Provide detailed Insights & Actionable Items on a periodic basis for the Students and the related Stakeholders consisting

    Parents and Tutors. Consistent and Continuous update of the progress on a on going basis would ensure consistent improvement over a period of Time. Accurate Information always means right areas of Improvement are being worked upon at any given Point of Time.

Supporting features

  • Webinars / Guest Lectures for participating students for enhanced content
  • Connected Content The platform provides for the users to have digital content available anytime.
  • Sale / Exchange Books converted to ecommerce platform. Limited to educational books strictly.

Main Benefits

  • Cloud Based, secure, Omni channel Platform
  • Teachers and Students are setup on demand and access all functionalities across device of their preference

  • Before, In, After class
  • Clever combination of digital and traditional engagement to make learning experience relevant & unique

  • Calendar scheduling & publishing
  • Enable customized learning – On demand i.e. Engage only for specific topics ( Need based)

  • Assessment & Grading
  • Track progress across the learning journey through online assessments / grading – Data required for Advanced Analytics

  • Advanced Analytics and review
  • Provides detailed Insights to Tutors & Students in order to arrive at actionable which would be updated on a continuous basis with visibility to all stakeholders including parents and guardians

  • Managed Service
  • The entire activities on the platform is provided as managed service so that the tutor and student can concentrate on the CORE – Learning


Please contact us for more details on the pricing and how we can support you to get started. We also provide ongoing support to ensure that day to day operations are provided as managed services so that both tutors/students can focus on the core – learning


Tuition Aggregation Platform as a Service or TAPAAS is a unique platform with a singular objective – Enabling the key stakeholders ( Tutors and students) to leverage digital engagement and complement traditional learning. The key differentiator of this platform from all other similar platforms is that it enables the Tutors to retain his individual creativity/IP and add the power of digital engagement for all stakeholders to engage at their convenience across any preferred channel.

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