Talent Profiling

Talent Profile Enablement Platform as a Service or TPAAS performs advanced analytics on structured and unstructured data of talent profile across different parameters in order to provide deep insights which could assist in making well informed decisions

Key Features

  • Deep Insights based on Structured & Unstructured Data Advanced Analytics & proprietary algorithms provides detailed Insights on Talent ( hard + soft factors) which can disrupt the Industry as the current practices are reactive and sub optimal
  • Advanced Profiling Independent e-verification and e-validation of key profile data to confirm authenticity on demand. The lead time for such verification done manually is very high and does not guarantee 100% accuracy
  • Validated Repository accessible as Service The repository details are available across Industry on demand by using advanced search. This ensures repeatability and reusability.

Supporting features

  • Webinars / Guest Lectures for participating students for enhanced content
  • Connected Content The platform provides for the users to have digital content available anytime.
  • Sale / Exchange Books converted to ecommerce platform. Limited to educational books strictly.

Main Features & Benefits

  • Cloud Based, secure, Omni channel Platform
  • Talent, Recruiters and Industry are setup on demand and access all functionalities across device of their preference

  • Deep Insights combining structured and unstructured data for Talent Profile
  • Industry has access to Insightful profiles On demand and thus can make highly informed decisions which improves hiring efficiency & effectiveness

  • Advanced Profiling €“ Independent e verification and e- validation
  • Industry has the ability to do independent verification and validation at a click of button. This proactive verification enables timely on boarding and focusses on incremental data as historical data is pre validated

  • On Demand access to existing repository & content via advanced search
  • Industry has access to historical information and hence need to focus only on incremental information for verification & validation. This encourages reusability and focusses on incremental data and hence disrupts the Industry


Please contact us for more details on the pricing and how we can support you to get started. We also provide ongoing support to ensure that day to day operations are provided as managed services so that both tutors/students can focus on the core €“ learning


Talent Profile Enablement Platform as a Service or TPAAS enables the following objectives of the key stakeholders:
€¢Industry through the profiling service improves the hiring efficiency and effectiveness which has a favourable impact on the HR function overall
€¢Recruiters are able to analyze and fulfil the Talent needs of the industry better as most criteria's required for the search are now profiled and detailed Insights offered
€¢Talent gets to view the output of the profiling service and can initiate improvements based on the Insights offered to ensure that incremental updates would be considered favorably

Connect to other Services

Talent Rating Enablement Platform as a Service or TRAAS performs advanced scoring of talent profile across different parameters specified as inputs through Industry specific job description and provides unique rating of the fitment & suitability of the profile.