Scholarship Enablement

Scholarship Enablement Platform as a Service or SEPAAS for existing Students of any Segment to join and compete against peers for recognition and monetization at a larger scale with the objective of continuous improvement and benchmarking against wider peer group.

Key Features

  • Multiple scholarship opportunities across a wide range of specialization to cater to ever growing need for recognition and monetary support to pursue higher aspirations
  • Sponsored Scholarship provides opportunities to sponsors for providing scholarship to deserving and meritorious talent. These scholarships are completely customized to suit the specific criteria defined by the sponsors.
  • Online/Centre based exams provides an opportunity for large number of students to choice preferred channel for taking exams ( including 24*7/ visiting specified centre during working hours etc.)
  • Multiple Attempts at Scholarship Up to 6 attempts are possible to ensure that talent has a reasonable chance to learn from previous experience and improve with the possibility of getting scholarship
  • Fair & Honest Robust proven methodology with stringent controls. The outcome of each scholarship exams and its results are subject to Independent external verification
  • Create Visibility of successful scholarship talent across Industry Recognising unique and special talent early in the lifecycle of education is key so that alignment with appropriate Industry and area of interest happens to create disruptive outcomes.

Supporting features

  • Webinars / Guest Lectures for participating students for enhanced content
  • Connected Content The platform provides for the users to have digital content available anytime.
  • Sale / Exchange Books converted to ecommerce platform. Limited to educational books strictly.

Main Benefits

  • Cloud Based, secure, Omni channel Platform
  • Sponsors and Students are setup on demand and access all functionalities across device of their preference

  • Multiple Scholarship
  • Students have the option to chose one or more area of specialization and aspire for recognition & monetary benefits at a larger scale

  • Sponsored Scholarship
  • Students benefit from Sponsored scholarship as chances of them getting recognition and scholarship are higher with every additional scholarship.

  • Online/Centre based exams
  • Students convenience is key given his hectic schedule and hence choice of when and where they take these scholarship exams is flexible

  • Multiple Attempts at Scholarship
  • Students may need more than one attempt in order to learn from experience before they can deliver great performance. 6 Attempts are allowed for a specific scholarship to give Talent a fair chance to scholarship

  • Fair & Honest
  • Independent verification of the entire process and each scholarship result gives the credibility and focusses on true merit and no other parameter

  • Create Visibility
  • Talent gets an opportunity to showcase their capabilities early enough in the education lifecycle to all key stakeholders ( including Industry) so that they can have very specific career planning enabled


Please contact us for more details on the pricing and how we can support you to get started. We also provide ongoing support to ensure that day to day operations are provided as managed services so that both tutors/students can focus on the core – learning


Scholarship Enablement Platform as a Service or SEPAAS is a key orchestrator in enabling the following objectives of the key stakeholders:
•Existing Talent gets recognition and monetary support to pursue customized career objectives with key stakeholders in the education Industry
•Sponsors can enable their dream of sponsoring meritorious talent through a customized scholarship program
•Industry gets access to exceptional talent early enough to work out special programs for such talent to get disruptive results

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