Privacy Policy

Scholarsmerit, a product of Scholars Merit Online Pvt Ltd (Known inadvertently as Scholarsmerit now) is an aggregator which intends to overcome the gap between corporates and schools. This portal will often ask for the personal data and therefore the privacy of the data is of primary importance to us. You may read this document carefully to understand our privacy policy in terms of managing your private information.

  • We are committed to respecting and protecting your personal information which is provided by you on the online channel. Personal information contains any or all information that may be used to identify a person and does not necessarily mean his first name or last name or date of birth only. For Scholarsmerit, all data provided under contacts is treated as personal information.
  • No information is shared or distributed by Scholarsmerit to any third-party tool or analytic agency without customer’s written consent. Once the consent is provided, then the privacy policy restrictions over Scholarsmerit are not applicable and we do not have the liability of the information getting used / misused in any manner.
  • It is customer’s responsibility of ensuring that the personal data being supplied to the online portal is not getting stored in any other form on the public computers. Scholarsmerit might be using cookies to store certain information which needs to be deleted by the user upon termination of his session.
  • It is the customer’s and the user’s responsibility to save and store his/her passwords in the secure location. Scholarsmerit does not guarantee the security of any personal information should the password of the customer/user is compromised in any manner.
  • Scholarsmerit reserves the right to use your personal information for contacting you to provide promotional features, discounts and services from time to time as and when they are applicable.
  • Scholarsmerit reserves the right to use your personal information, site IP, various behaviour trends for its internal analysis of traffic generation and trends prevailing in the industry.
  • Any information posted to any public location based on your instruction does not fall under personal information. The public location might be any forum, blog, social media etc. and that can be used by Scholarsmerit or other subscribed third-party providers for their usage further.
  • Scholarsmerit reserves the right to make your information anonymous by removing the personal identifying nature of the information and then use them for provisioning in the manner of improving services and enhance the experience.
  • Scholarsmerit may contain links to other sites and vice versa might happen. Scholarsmerit is not responsible of privacy policy of the other sites and the user needs to ensure that personal information of the third site is used in a proper manner.
  • In the event of merger, sale or bankruptcy; Scholarsmerit reserves the right to transfer the information to the party taking over the operations under the same privacy policy. Should the user decide not to share this information to the party taking over, he/she is free to stop their operations on the storefront.

While we cannot guarantee the 100% privacy protections but intend to provide security as much as possible. Should you come across any policy that is affecting your privacy and personal information, you are free to obtain clarifications (not legally binding on Scholarsmerit) from the address below: